Renowned as a front-runner in the local and regional power generation sector, Lakdhanavi Limited stands as a leading power plant service provider deeply committed to social responsibility in business. We are dedicated to upholding our responsibilities towards our valued staff, esteemed customers, trusted suppliers, and the diverse communities that reside within the regions where we conduct our operations. At the core of our commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity lies an unwavering pursuit. Our approach is not solely focused on achieving financial success, but also on making a tangible, positive impact on lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Key Highlights

All power plants are operated under strict safety guidelines as stipulated by the safety policy.
We serve as a primary employer for local engineering graduates.
Rigorous health and safety training is provided to all engineering and technical staff across all our power plants to minimise accidents and protect the wellbeing of our employees.
We engage in multiple CSR initiatives to support communities around the power plants and society at large, including various community development projects.
We maintain strong partnerships with various business partners, including utilities, OEMs, subcontractors, and financiers.
Our inclusive HR policies welcome employees from all walks of life. We actively encourage and support female participation in our core engineering teams.
We have been recognised with multiple safety awards from institutions such as the British Safety Awards and NEOS.

Our CSR Projects

Development of the Hamilton Canal (From Near Hekitta Kelani River to Dikowita)

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Enlightenment of Shrines including Atamasthana

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High Dependent Unit of Ward 04 for Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children (LRH)

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