The Gas Turbine Generator of the new 350 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant arrived at the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka, on the 13th of January 2023. The successful receival initiated the first phase of the Heavy Equipment Transport operation.

The Gas Turbine (GT) of the plant, SGT5-4000F, is a highly efficient F Class Gas Turbine, with a full load capacity of 220 MW. This was already received in Colombo mid-October last year. The corresponding 302 MVA Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) is of the make, SGen5-1200A. Both equipment were successfully transported to the project site under the guidance of a special transportation procedure.

The 312-ton GT and 317-ton GTG were initially transported via sea, using a specially imported Tugboat and Barge vessel, up to the temporary jetty erected at the outfall of the Hamilton Canal at Elakanda, Kerawalapitiya. Consecutively, on the 16th and 17th of January 2023, the equipment were road transported to the site using a multi-axle low bed trailer, over the route span of nearly 5 km along the Hendala-Hunupitiya road. Special traffic management plans and road arrangements were used in order to handle the heavy equipment, with the support of the local authorities and the community. The transportation was successfully concluded with the arrival of the equipment at the Sobadhanavi Project site, marking it off as one of the largest power equipment transports in Sri Lanka.